Story 1

Priya is a 25 year old participant is a Commerce graduate and has done a short course in graphic designing. She has attended our classes for making fancy bags, sling bags, pouches for mobiles and chargers. She also attended the Warli art sessions, personality development, financial Literacy and spoken English classes. She was keen on making bags and after attending our program, started making bags at home. She then participated in UWA exhibitions and acquired experience in selling her own products and keeping the account of the sale of her products. She says that she learnt something new and was thrilled that she earned about Rs. 4000/-in one day at the Diwali mela.Since then she has been steadily getting orders from UWA members and neighbors. Besides the new orders for bag-making she has now come up with a new idea of reusing fabrics like old jeans, dresses, curtains and Sarees for making new cloth bags. She is happy with her own contribution towards saving the environment in her small way. Some of the UWA members have given her lots of material to make her products.

Story 2

Mrs. Vandana Deshpande is a senior teacher in our Deepika Bal Mandir. She is a very talented in various crafts such as crochet, beadwork, stitching and gets orders for making crochet, beadwork, toranhandicrafts. She attended the BRPID programme specially to learn to make bags and pouches, and also attended the personality development, financial literacy, spoken English, and Warli painting sessions. She says that earlier she sold her products from home, however now the BRPID training helps her during exhibitions organized by UWAP, such asDiwali Mela, when she displays and sells her products and interacts directly with the buyers. She feels more confident now and has offered to take charge of UWAP shop outlet. She along with a couple of BRPID participants, wish to help at the other Centers at WIMA (Women Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Maharashtra). She plays an important partincoordinating during UWA Chhandarang classes.

Story 3

Mrs. Anuradha Dahotre is the wife of Police ESI.She is46 years old. She knew how to stitch a simple Saree blouse before she joined BRPID training. Earlier she took orders for stitching blouses but had difficulties with the finishing and fitting. After her training during the BRPID sessions, she has improved in her stitching as well as finishing regarding size, necklines and fitting and therefore feels empowered since she is getting more orders to stitch, blouses, from the nearby communities.She is now able to earn more which gives her more recognition in the family, which encourages her to continue. She is now venturing into stitching sari petticoats and bags in bulk orders and is seeking tie – ups with shop owners selling readymade garments.

Story 4

We came to know about your exhibition from our relative Kruti Aunty. We deal with home furnishing items. She told us to be a part of this exhibition to explore our business and to advertise our products in a better way.
The response that we have received was wonderful and this in turn really helped to flourish our business.
We are thankful to every member of women’s association for their support.


Story 5

I Archana Gupta have started this business of variety of Purses and Bags and Indo-western Jewellery known as A.V. Bags & Jewellery. I was a homemaker and always had the enthusiasm to start a business of my own, getting experience of various exhibitions and building my own spirit.
I was happy to get a great opportunity to present myself in UWA Diwali Mela 2019.


Monsoon Mela

We had superb Monsoon Mela last week at our University Women’s Association, Pune Hall. Women Entrepreneurs from different industries participated and showcased their products and services.

Hostel Day Celebration

IFUWA International Conference - March 1 &2, 2024, Pune