This activity is aimed at providing support to adolescent girls from low income groups, studying in standards 7th to 10th. We conduct free coaching classes for them particularly in Mathematics, Science and English. These are the subjects which most of them find very difficult to understand. This helps to bring down the school dropout rate in and around Pune city.Along with scholastic educational support, we also work towards their emotional and psychological needs and see that they grow up into stronger individuals with better chances of employment after they complete their education

Chhand Rang

We run this activity for imparting income generating skills, in the area of arts and crafts, to girls and women coming from modest financial backgrounds in our neighbourhood. They come to our Centre to learn sewing, knitting, embroidery, ceramic work, Warli art, candle making etc. We organise exhibitions to display and sell the articles made by them. This helps to create a market for them. These are a variety of bags, mobile phone pouches, cushion covers, coasters, runners, table mats, napkins, sweaters and so on.This activity goes a long way in building an entrepreneurial urge in these women, as many of them start working from their respective homes. Some of them who have acquired certain skills are employed by us as teachers to train the new batches. They also get orders from our own members. This activity thus adds to their family income and helps them to tide over difficult times.


Scholarships are awarded to Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and also to the students who are doing Doctoral Research. We are trying to help build a new generation of professional women from the struggling classes. Each year some new candidates benefit. Preferenceis given to the candidates who have already received scholarships from us in the previous year, as we want to support them till they complete their education. Interaction with local colleges to tap the genuinely deserving students helps nurture future candidates from the very beginning. Students, both past and present, have shown remarkable progress. Currently we are giving two scholarships for Higher Education(Research) -the UWAP Golden Jubilee Scholarshipand UWAP Diamond Jubilee scholarship which were started to mark the completion of our 50 and 60 years respectively, of useful work to the society. We invite sponsors to participate in this cause of women's empowerment through education and employment.

Research and Development Cell

The Research and Development Cell extends an opportunity for interdisciplinary research to members desirous of undertaking research work in topics related to environmental sciences, natural and social sciences, social work and education, as well as conduct projects of social relevance. It also offers consultancy to individuals and organisations. Seminars, workshops and training programmes are conducted from time to time. We also take part in collaborative research with other research organisations.

Progress Eves

Progress Eves is the publication of UWA, Pune which keeps all its members informed about the activities of the Association. Besides the President's Platform, it keeps the UWA members updated on the news and views of the Indian Federation of University Women's Associations, and the Graduate Women International. Worldwide matters of interest to professional women are also shared by the editor. Our own members are encouraged to write articles on subjects of current relevance and share their own experiences

Open House and Membership Development

A variety of programmes on topics of current relevance and of interest to members are organised in the form of lectures, discussions, round tables, games etc. Many cultural events are also arranged. Often these programmes are advertised and are kept open to the public. Diwali Melaorganized every year, gives an opportunity to women entrepreneurs to showcase their products in our premises. These programmes build good public relations and help in our membership development activity.

Youth Wing

This is a group of about 68 girls pursuing their studies in their chosen disciplines from different colleges and universities in Pune. The group also includes some students, doing research for their PhD degrees. Many of these are the ones who have received scholarships from us and this isa strong binding force between them and the UWAP. In these girls, we see our future members. Our Youth Wing is also a big resource to enrich our own Association.Their varied talents and capacities are used when they work as volunteers during our different programmes. We also organize need based programmes for them like workshops for personality and leadership development, job interviews, and courses in spoken English.

Environment Cell

After the induction of the new Managing Committee, a meeting was held to get introduced amongst ourselves. After discussing the various rules, regulations, formalities, and methods to be followed during the two year tenure, there was the handing over of the office from the earlier committee to the current one. The environment cell was restarted after a long gap. The activities planned,broadly, under the cell included waste management, campus plants, nature trips to various places, lectures and workshops, etc.